Progressive No-Line CR39 Transitions® Lenses

At our Progressive No-Line CR39 Transitions® Lenses are manufactured using the same high quality material as our standard lenses, with ultraviolet filter and scratch resistant coating. Our Progressive lenses are of aspheric (flatter) design, incorporating a distortion free distance zone with a smooth intermediate transition to a wide reading area.

CR39 Plastic Transitions® Lenses contain light-sensitive molecules that darken and lighten according to the intensity of ultraviolet light. Recent advances in Transitions® technology ensure that they perform consistently across a wide range of temperatures and climates.

The greater the intensity of the UV rays, the darker the lens becomes. The moment the UV rays are no longer present, the lens begins to fade back to almost clear. Transitions® Lenses do not change while driving in a car. All Transitions® lenses come with 100% UV protection.

Prescription Recommendation: (+4.00/-5.00)