Varilux Comfort™ DRX Upgrade

Varilux Comfort™ Upgrade (+$99.00)

Now available at Eyeglassdirect. Varilux Comfort™ DRX Upgrade

Varilux Comfort™ Lenses is the new gold standard in which all progressive lenses are judged. Varilux Comfort™ lenses gives you a uncompromising near, far, and in-between vision. Varilux Comfort™ lenses offer smooth transitions when viewing near to far and vice versa. That means less strain on your head and neck and simply make using your eyewear that much more comfortable.
With Varilux Comfort™ DRX now not only do you get the benefit of Varilux Comfort™ but you also get the enhance clarity that only Varilux can provide using Varilux's own special manfacturing process.
Now with all Varilux DRX comes with Smart Blue Filter™ which provides embedded protection against harmful blue-violet light while allowing the beneficial blue-violet light to pass through on an aesthetically clear lens. Blue light is found everywhere, and is emitted by the sun and artificial light sources such as LEDs, computers and smart phones. This product innovation signifies a major advancement by Essilor because most blue light and UV protection products available are a coating applied to the lens surface that has an obvious color.
Varilux Comfort™ Upgrade is available for all progressive lens option and can be added as an option for only $99.00.
With each purchase of Varilux Comfort™ DRX Upgrade you will also recieve a certificate of authenicity.